SWISSTRAX tiles colors

The colors of the SWISSTRAX floor tiles vary according to the tile model selected. More than 20 colors at your service in immediate availability and the possibility to develop specific colors. Each color is identical between each tile model. Discover below a quick summary of the available color ranges according to the type of floor tiling :

The RIBTRAX Colors

ribtrax pro colors

Reminder: The RIBTRAX floor tile is a checkered tile with a rounded surface. For a garage floor always clean!

Recommended uses: garage floor, automotive paddock floor, showroom floor, event floor, merchandising floor...



smoothtrax pro colors

Reminder: The floor tile model SMOOTHTRAX is a checkered tile with a flat surface. For superior comfort!

Recommended uses: Garage floor, shop floor, detailing floor, terrace floor, balcony floor, showroom floor, basement floor, utility room floor...



diamondtrax pro colors

Reminder: The DIAMONDTRAX slab is a structural slab with a full industrial aluminum look. The advantages of tiling without the disadvantages of laying

Uses recommended: Floor for garage, floor for workshop, floor for laundry, industrial floor, store floor...



vinyltrax pro colors

Reminder: The VINYLTRAX floor tile is a structural tile with parquet look. A floor type parquet installed in a few clicks!

Recommended uses: Floor for garage, floor for showroom, event floor, office floor, exhibition floor, floor for stand, floor for reception...

SWISSTRAX tiles colors guaranteed and manufactured in France

All colors of SWISSTRAX floor tiles are UV-treated, guaranteeing even outdoor use for many years. The dyes used for the realization of our products are always the same, ensuring you an identical color product with each order. Our dyes are also manufactured in France for colors followed and for a superior guarantee. Would you like to receive a color sample? Contact our specialists for details.

All SWISSTRAX floor tiles are the same size 40x40 (cm). Possible combination of different models during your installations. No minimum order, we deliver according to your need.

Find more information in each SWISSTRAX product data sheet.

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