Clip together tiles imitation turf TURFTRAX for a natural and eco-friendly environment

Clip together tiles imitation turf TURFTRAX

Furnish your home with these clip-on floor tiles made of polypropylene. The tile consists of a base to be placed directly on your floor and a turf imitation coating 6mm golf type. The lawn is embedded in the floor tile and glued to ensure a perfect fixation. The lawn is self-adhesive on the back side.

dalle de sol gazon

A turf floor installed easily and quickly

The tiles are installed by simple clipping between them, no bonding on the ground or joint to achieve. The tiles are delivered with the lawn siding already installed, saving time and ease of installation. Need to adjust your tiles in relation to your surface? Do not worry, the SWISSTRAX tiles are simply cut with a jigsaw … remove the turf and cut your tile according to your needs, and glue your turf surface with the self-adhesive surface. No need to be an ace in DIY, this imitation grass turf tile TURFTRAX installs by yourself and without any specific tool.

revetement terrasse gazon


A floor tile with a unique concept

The concept of this floor tile type TURFTRAX is innovative, you can use different flooring on your tiles SWISSTRAX: You change only the flooring that is embedded in your tile. Remove the turf cover and install an imitation parquet flooring for example … You always keep your original floor made of SWISSTRAX floor tile and you will decorate the surface with the coating of your choice. In case of domestic incident for example (spill of liquid, tearing, dirt …) you change only the part to change and not all your floor, just remove the lawn and replace with another plate …

dalle gazon synthetique


A premium artificial turf

The Turftrax floor tile incorporates premium artificial turf with a compact and comfortable 6mm thickness. The grass is installed on a ventilated tile made of polypropylene, so the air continues to flow under your floor. SWISSTRAX tiles are extremely strong, some resist 25T / M2, it is not a composite tile. Dimensions of the tiles: 40 x 40 x thickness 1.8 cm, possibility to clip the entire Swisstrax range with this type of tile. Lawn covering made of polyethylene fiber 6mm.


A natural atmosphere floor where and when you want

The SWISSTRAX portable floor solution gives you the possibility to install your floor according to your wishes. Different uses, stand floor and trade show, event floor, sports floor, office floor, patio floor … Bring a touch of nature quickly and easily into your environment. Carry your floor easily, the tile are light and therefore easy to install. (Use only indoors)

Dalle clipsable imitation gazon TURFTRAX


How to order your imitation lawn?

Simply, communicate us the dimensions of your surface to be equipped or the surface in M2. Tell us the nature of your current floor and the type of use you want. The slabs are delivered in cardboard of 25 pieces with turf covering already installed, that is 4m2 per carton. An email and / or a phone call and our sales team gives you your quote quickly. The tile are available in stock and shipped quickly.