Carbon fiber modular floor

The SWISSTRAX carbontrax tiles clip-on floor is a clip-on tile with a carbon finish. Bring character to your garage or exhibition floor with one of the most noble and resistant materials of its generation. Its smooth and neat appearance gives you a luxurious feeling.

carbontrax tiles



Interlooking carbon fiber floor

we propose you to embellish your garage or your exhibitions with one of the most prestigious subjects and resulting from mechanical sport race! Carbon is widely used by major manufacturers who already equip the interiors and exteriors of their vehicles. The SWISSTRAX carbontrax tiles clip-on floor seduces those around you and provides a higher quality effect than your exhibitions!

sol couleur carbone



Premium garage flooring | Carbontrax tiles

These carbon floor tiles are used by major brands such as AUDI, LEXUS ..... The resistance and design of this floor tile make it a highly qualitative product. This carbon clip-on floor fits into your projects such as:

  • Garage floor
  • Showroom floor
  • Exhibitions
  • Fair booth
  • Events floor...

carbon floor tiles

Foor tiles with Interchangeable inlays

The carbon finish integrated into the floor tile is interchangeable. You can combined other inlays of the SWISSTRAX range in this type of tile. Imagine a part of your floor made of wood grain floor tiles and another part in carbon effect clip-on floor ! All SWISSTRAX brand tiles are compatible with each other, their dimensions are identical. The concept of this CARBONTRAX tiles is identical to the floor tile VINYLTRAX wood grain. Maintenance is extremely low, use the same washing products as your house floor, and at trade shows use a simple glass cleaner for a quick and easy result.

sol couleur carbone


Floor tiles accessories

Edges and corners allow a safe access to your floor (garage door, booth side, corner ...), 20 edges colors and corners available. Installation by simply click system. Edges dimensions L40cm x l6.2cm. More information Garage floor accessories.

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