SWISSTRAX designer : Design your floor online !

simulateur de sol swisstrax

SWISSTRAX designer : 10 steps

  1. Click on the image above or HERE to activate the Swisstrax designer
  2. Select the shape of your garage (Rectangle, L, T)
  3. Click on “Metric” because the simulator offers you a choice in centimeters or inches.
  4. Fill in the dimensions of your garage: “Width” being the width; “Height” being the depth; Use the point and NOT the comma to indicate the decimals.
  5. Click on “Select Tile” to select your floor tile template. Indicate the model and below choose the dominant color.
  6. Click on “Custom Design” to insert other colors or tiles patterns.
  7. Click directly on your design to place your colors
  8. Click on “Edges & Corners” to choose the number of borders and colors for your garage door. Place them where you need. The corners are used only for the realization of exhibition stands.
  9. Click on “Your Design” to get a summary of your floor.
  10. Click on “Print” to print or save as PDF your simulation

(You can also save your design online by clicking on “Save.” Enter your email address so that you can update your design according to your needs).

Receive your personal quote

Send us directly your PDF file, we will send you very quickly your personalized quote. The use of the online simulator SWISSTRAX allows you to calculate exactly the number of tiles for your project. It also allows you to get a visual of your floor before ordering and will serve as a plan during your installation. Any cuts are taken into account in the final calculation, everything is based on the garage dimensions indicated at the beginning of the simulation. The English language is used on this simulator, contact us if you need an assistance, our specialist will be pleased to assist you. You can also visit our dedicated page garage floor project.

simulation dalles de sol swisstrax
Designer example

A permanente assistance

Our team is at your disposal if you wish to contact us directly without going through the swisstrax online simulator. A dedicated operator is at your disposal throughout your project. Simply indicate the dimensions of the project and let yourself guided.

Phone contact : +33 364 601 212  monday to friday 9h-12h00 / 14h00-18h00

E-mail contact: Here.