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Garage floor tiles

The floor tile for Swisstrax garage, a clean garage floor, useful and installed in just a few hours by simply clipping.

sol pour garage
Ribtrax garage floor pearl silver/jet black

Floor tiles with a clip system

The Swisstrax garage floor is installed simply by clipping, no gluing, no joints, no drying time! You clip the tiles together by simply pressing your hand. Transform the look of your garage quickly and easily with our clip-on concept.

A real garage floor

dalle pour garage
RIBTRAX garage flooring, slate grey, red and pearl silver

Apart from offering an exceptional look to your garage, Swisstrax floor are useful and ingenious. Do you have a wet garage? Use Ribtrax tiles with perforated profile for an air circulation. Insulate yourself from the cold of your floor with Ribtrax or Diamondtrax tiles, each tile is 18mm thick.

A non slip garage flooring

Swisstrax tiles are made of polypropylene copolymer, a naturally non-slip material, even when wet. Secure your garage floor with the slip-resistant Swisstrax floor. The perforated profile of the Swisstrax garage flooring tiles allows to keep your feet dry even in rainy weather as the water goes through the draining tiles.

sol pour garage réalisé en dalles clipsables
Garage tiles red/black/slate grey and pearl silver

Easy installation floor

Personnalisation de votre sol

No specific tools required, you just need a meter, a pen, possibly a jigsaw or circular saw to make the cuts. You put your tiles on your concrete floor and you simply clip. Do not worry about the resistance: 25T /Sqm! Your installation is finished: take advantage of the result and your garage, no drying time!

Ribtrax tiles

How to clean your floor tiles

Depending on the floor model, the cleaning is different. For openwork Ribtrax floor tiles, a simple domestic vacum from time to time and if you have spilled liquids under your slabs, you just have to take off the tiles to the desired area ! No need to disassemble all your tiles to access your natural soil. For Diamondtrax solid tiles, cleaning is the same as a tile, vacuuming and mopping with a household degreaser. To maintain the brightness of your colors use a household degreaser. The Swisstrax floor are resistant to hydrocarbons, brake fluid, battery acid.

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