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Garage floor cover

Garage floor cover, discover the new garage flooring solution : Tiles with a clip system with no glue and no seal installation and DIY.

garage floor cover
Garage floor cover RIBTRAX pearl silver / slate grey

A new floor for your garage

The Swisstrax floors revolutionize your garage world! A new garage floor installed in a few hours and without any specific tools. Installation by yourself given the simplicity of the concept of installation, no need to call a professional company.

Easy and quick installation

Tiles are installed by simply clipping them together, no gluing, no specific preparation of your surface before laying. The installation is very simple, you install your tiles directly on your floor and you clip them between them with the simple pressure of the hand. You do not necessarily need an underlay between the tiles and your floor, the tiles settle on a concrete floor or on a compact floor. An underlayment under a tile may be necessary only if you wish to recover any hydrocarbon leakage from your vehicles, or to reduce the noise of walking or if your original floor is slip.

Installation sol revêtement de sol pour garage
Easy installation

20 colors for your garage

Use the different available colors to install your garage. Swisstrax is one of the only brands of garage flooring to offer more than 20 colors of tiles available. Make a checkerboard, boundaries, locations vehicles or other design of your imagination. The tiles are sold individually, we adapt our quotes to your requests.

Dalle de sol plastique
Ribtrax garage floor jet black and citrus yellow

Need an assistance to design your garage floor?

Our teams offer you projects in 3D taking your chosen colors and your garage flooring design. A doubt about the choice of colors? On request, simply receive your personalized garage drawing … At SWISSTRAX it’s like at a kitchen, you leave with a DRAWING according to your wishes. This DRAWING will also be very useful during the installation, you only have to follow the guide!

A tile collection for all garage floors

We offer different tiles for garage, depending on the use and your environment. We will favor the Ribtrax tile model to keep a garage floor always clean. Your garage is like a real workshop? The Diamondtrax tile will also be preferred, and if your garage combines storage and workshop then we will suggest mixing these tiles during installation, their dimensions are the same.

garage floor installation
Diamondtrax tile and Ribtrax tile

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