Polished concrete floor tiles | Marbletrax interlooking tiles

Marble design flooring | Polished concrete floor tiles

Polished concrete floor tiles SWISSTRAX...Do you need a tiled floor effect or a marble floor effect in your garage, in your showroom or for an event? Check the new SWISSTRAX marble  floor tiles design. A tiled floor design with an exceptional visual and technical quality. Quick and easy installation, no gluing, reusable at will.

Polished concrete floor tiles
Polished concrete design

An interlooking floor tile

We offer all the benefits of tiling in this new floor tile, without the inconvenience of installation. Direct installation on your concrete floor without specific preparation, no gluing, no joint, you can even cover an old tiling. The installation is fast, you simply 'clik' your tiles to each other through a clipping system on the 4 sides of the floor tile. You save time and comfort when laying in a traditional tile! No drying time since nothing is glued, you use your floor immediately after the installation of your floor tile.

carrelage pour garage
Natural stone design

A marble floor design with a rollover of 20T/M2

Aside from the exceptional design of this product, this marble floor tile resist to 20T / Sqm ! A real technical floor with a simple and fast product installation. SWISSTRAX floor tiles are made of polypropylene, a 100% pure virgin plastic material. The tile have an UV stabilizer for maximum color protection and a superior vinyl protects the design of your tile.

Polished concrete floor tiles design

We propose 2 colors available in stock, polished concrete floor design and black marble. These 2 colors can be set together in the form of checkerboard, judge for yourself in the photo below. Make the floor of your choice, one or two colors, no minimum order. Reproduce marble or tiled floors in a few hours! Cleaning your floor is easy and fast, use the same household products as your house with a flat mop.

Polished concrete floor tile
Black marble design

How to install your SWISSTRAX polished concrete floor tiles ?

Residential or professional garage floor, showroom flooring, event floor, SWISSTRAX clip-on products are installed for many applications. A garage floor to renovate? Enjoy the comfort of installation ... A showroom floor to create? Take advantage of the quick installation and do not close during work! A floor for exhibition booth? Welcome your customers on a design floor and use your floor at each exhibition! The installation is very confortable, you simply 'clik' your tiles with a simple tool : Your hands, a pair of glove, a felt, a cutter and a jigsaw for any cuts.

How are manufactured this marble floor tiles

The marble floor tile SWISSTRAX is made of polypropylene and build in 2 parts:

A first part called floor tile which is the base of the tile made of polypropylene.

A second part called insert which is the design of the tile (marble effect). This finish is included in the floor tile and is made of vinyl. This vinyl is extractable from the tile in case of maintenance. You save lot of time if you need to replace a tile,  + -2 minutes, incomparable with a real tile. The vinyl allows a fire resistance classification BflS1, which is an excellent resistance. The floor tiles are delivered complete with the insert installed in the floor tile. Ready to use.

sol imitation marbre
Checkered design black and grey


Polished concrete Floor tiles advantages

  • Quick and easy installation
  • No major work
  • No spécicific floor preparation
  • Any smell, No glue
  • No drying time
  • Eyes catching
  • Use your floor just after the installation, no waiting time
  • DIY installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Product from SWISSTRAX Design office
  • Made in Europe - France


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