Garage floor project

Your garage floor project consists of assistance before, during and after your project with our SWISSTRAX product range.

Pre-project assistance: choice of floor tile model, colors, number of tiles needed, 3D design of your layout, study of your area, etc … We offer a total assistance thanks to our technical teams and modern digital technology. Garage projects often start with a simple hand-made plan of our customers and end with proposals for 3D design tailored to your needs. Inform us the dimensions of your project and fellow our specialist. Projects are made quickly thanks to the availability of our team and our permanent stock.

Garage floor project example : 

garage floor project


Garage floor calculation

Example of garage flooring with the SWISSTRAX designer online :

swisstrax floor designer

Realize your garage floor with our designer online

Use our online simulator to have a rendering of your floor project. You can print or save your request directly at the end, everything is calculated, the number of tiles per color, the number of edges …

Warning ! click on Metric at the beginning of your project to have a design in centimeters, otherwise your design would be in Inch …

un simulateur de sol garage

An assistance during and after your garage floor project: Throughout the duration of your floor project our teams will assist you, installation advice, cleaning advice, personalized advice … The design simulates your garage floor that we propose you are also very convenient when you receive your order: You just have to follow the design ! We inform you where to start your installation, any cutouts … Customer satisfaction is a priority at SWISSTRAX Europe. A project? Our commitment: 100% satisfied customers. Check customer reviews to read what customers think about their accomplishments and service.Testimonials


All deliveries are made by an european carrier, you are a private customer and you are not always available? Do not worry, our carrier contact you before delivery for an appointment. The material is carefully packaged and special care is taken in the preparation of your orders and deliveries. SWISSTRAX tiles are packed in cardboard for quality protection and presentation. All deliveries are tracked by computer and delivery times are very fast, from 72 to 96H delivered to you (depend your country). SWISSTRAX floors are delivered with the installation instructions. More about your garage floor garage floor

3D SWISSTRAX designer (examples )