Trade show flooring invites more foot traffic

Trade show flooring : If you participate regularly in professional events and trade shows, you know that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate yourself from competitors. The floor tiles for stands and booths allows you to attract the attention of customers with an innovative flooring surface, which highlights your vehicles in an original way. You can choose your tiles according to the colors of your company / brand, and even incorporate your logo for increased visibility! In any case, the quality effect is optimal. Your customers will only see your exhibition booth !

Trade show flooring
SWISSTRAX trade show flooring

Floor tiles for stands and lounges: maximum comfort and cleanliness

The trade show flooring are generally as dirty as they are unpleasant. Your sales people end up hurting their feet from standing all day on an awkward floor. Dust builds up, giving your booth a degraded image. With floor tiles for trade show, you solve both problems at the same time. Not only are the tiles extremely comfortable for both your teams and visitors; but the perforated structure of the floor tiles, which allows the dust to pass, guarantees you a constant cleanliness. No need to vacuum each evening on your living room carpet! If cleaning is necessary, simply unclip one or more tiles to wash the floor surface!

sol pour stands et salons
Jet Black and Racing Red Ribtrax Tiles for Booths and Stands

Custom flooring for premium booths

The floor tiles for stands and lounges are also very simple to set up. No need for complex tools or chemical glues: the tiles are clipped to each other using slight hand pressure. The installation is done in minutes or hours, depending on the surface to be covered. Optimize your assembly time! And because these tiles for stands and lounges are very easy to assemble, you can entrust this mission to your team without calling on professionals. Disassembly? As easy as it is set up, you simply unclip your floor tiles. You can store your exhibition tiles in the original packaging (cardboard of 25 pieces, or 4m2) or directly by 6 pieces on a pallet. Dimensions of the tiles: 40x40 (cm)

Do you also know that you can rent your floor tiles for your exhibitions?

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Trade show flooring :


Possible insertion of your logo on the floor

Possible insertion of your logo on the floor

Save money with Swisstrax trade show flooring

Another advantage of SWISSTRAX floor tiles is that they are not only easy to install, they are also easy to dismantle. And for this reason, they can be kept for all your subsequent events! At the beginning of each new exhibition, all you have to do is lay the floor tiles exactly as you did the first time. In the meantime, tiles are stored in a smaller space: a pallet contains on average 100m2 of floor tiles (4m2 per 17 kg carton).

Trade show flooring
Techno Green Ribtrax Tiles

Imagine the benefits in terms of savings: instead of single-use flooring (like floor carpet), you invest once and for all in the floor tiles for stands and lounges, for endless uses!

In addition, thanks to the modularity of SWISSTRAX products, you can integrate other tile models on your floors to make them even more attractive! Swisstrax is a complete collection of floor tiles for exhibitions! A permanent innovation to offer qualitative exhibition solutions and with an immediate return on investment !